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ALL DIRECTV OFFERS REQUIRE 24-MONTH AGREEMENT.** Prices exclude premiums and additional and advanced receiver fees.
Price(s) include the following instant bill credits for 12 months: $25 for ENTERTAINMENT Package ($29 for CHOICE and CHOICE XTRA Packages, $30 for CHOICE ULTIMATE Package and above). Customers activating the CHOICE Package or above will be automatically enrolled in and receive the 2012 season of NFL SUNDAY TICKET at no additional cost.
Offers end 12/5/12. New customers only on approved credit; credit card required (except in MA & PA). If you fail to maintain your programming agreement, you agree that DIRECTV may charge you a prorated fee of up to $480 ($20 per month remaining). If you cease to be our customer you must contact DIRECTV within 7 days to arrange for an equipment return kit. If we haven't received your equipment within 21 days or if the returned equipment is in damaged condition an Equipment Non-Return fee will apply. Applicable use tax adjustment may apply on the retail value of the installation. In certain markets, programming/pricing may vary. Offer subject to change.

Local Channels

DIRECTV offers locals channels in more than 99% of the country.

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DIRECTV Packages

Exclusive Sports & Programming

Whole Home DVR

More Full Time HD Channels Than Cable

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DIRECTV Specials

Tired of the same old DISH Network or Cable options? See why 19 million Americans have chosen DIRECTV.

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Over 19 million Americans have DIRECTV and enjoy it every day. DIRECTV is #1 in customer satisfaction over all cable and satellite TV providers.* (Among the largest national cable & satellite TV providers.)

DIRECTV has tons of channels, over 285 to be exact. DIRECTV also has over 170 full time HD channels to choose from so you can enjoy your favorite sports team, movies and shows in crystal-clear HD. DIRECTV includes your local channels in every packages (in over 99% of U.S. households) so you can stay connected to what is happening in your area and community. Plus, only DIRECTV offers NFL SUNDAY TICKET. You can't find all this at DISH Network!

DIRECTV has lots of options when it comes to packages. There is something for everyone, whether you what the basic options or the most channels and features. There are great add-ons to any DIRECTV package, including premium movie channels and sports packages.

Movie buffs love how easy it is to add on premium movie channels like HBO®, Starz®, Showtime®, and Cinemax® and the great deals that are offered with them. Catch exclusive shows that you can't find anywhere else with DIRECTV's AUDIENCE Network, where you can find great program options that aren't available elsewhere!

No matter which sport you like the most, DIRECTV has you covered. Exclusive packages like NASCAR HotPass™ and NFL SUNDAY TICKET are amazing packages that are only available with DIRECTV. You can see every out of market NFL game in high definition. You can see every out of market game NFL game in high-definition with DIRECTV's NFL SUNDAY TICKET Package. Every game, Every Sunday. Plus you get Game Mix with up to 8 games on one screen and PlayerTracker so you can track up to 18 of your favorite players. With NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX, you get everything in the NFL SUNDAY TICKET package PLUS, you can watch your team on your smartphone, tablet or computer and tons of extras like the RED ZONE CHANNEL® and so much more. You'll never miss a moment of the action and you can keep up with multiple games at the same time.

DIRECTV technology is state of the art with HD DVRs. You can record programs and watch them whenever it is convenient for you. You'll never have to stay up late or just not watch your favorite shows because you can't be in front of your TV when they are on. And mobile apps make your DVR even better. If you ever forget to set your DVR before you leave your home, just use your mobile app to set your DVR from a Smartphone, laptop or tablet. It's so easy to use and will keep you connected even when you aren't home.

When it comes to comparing DIRECTV to DISH Network and other TV providers, there really is just no comparison. DIRECTV has the most options, period. If you want great service, great deals and tons of options, then DIRECTV is the best choice. Call today to find out how you can save on DIRECTV and get the channels and features to make your home entertainment great. Once you choose DIRECTV, a technician come and professionally install your DIRECTV equipment for you. There's no hassle and before you know it you'll be enjoying DIRECTV and all it has to offer!

The DIRECTV Advantage


Get DIRECTV and Enjoy the Best Service from the company #1 in customer satisfaction over all cable and satellite TV providers.*
(Among the largest national cable & satellite TV providers.)

Get the best service for your home entertainment with DIRECTV. Join over 19 million other Americans who use DIRECTV and experience TV the way it was meant to be. DIRECTV offers cutting-edge technology, tons of channels, the best sports, movies and shows so you will never run out of options. DIRECTV offers over 170 full-time HD channels and the most movies in 1080p HD** - bringing you an amazingly clear HD picture and Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound1.

DIRECTV has superior service and unmatched options. Choose from several package options to find the plan that fits your needs. Whether you love sports, movies, shows or all of it, you can find a package that meets all your requirements. And don't worry about local stations because DIRECTV includes all your local channels at no extra charge. DIRECTV local channels reach 99% of all U.S. household and local channels are in HD in 96% of homes.

DIRECTV gives you access to over 170 full-time HD channels, more than any other cable or satellite TV provider. Plus, the most sports in HD so you can watch your favorite sports teams in HD, and check out exclusive packages like the NFL SUNDAY TICKET2 or NASCAR HotPass™. You can watch every out-of-market NFL game in HD from the comfort of your own home! With so many channels, you'll never miss your favorite sports, movies or series and with DIRECTV DVRs you can watch them whenever you want too.


Best In Class

Call now to find out more about DIRECTV and the great deals offered!

DIRECTV has great sports packages that include everything from cricket and soccer to basketball, baseball and boxing. Get college, professional and international sports with DIRECTV - it's simple and affordable to add on a package to your plan.

With DIRECTV on Demand, you'll get access to thousands of shows and movies at no extra charge. Check out the latest releases and enjoy all your favorites at the touch of a button, many in HD. Get access to premium movie channels like HBO®, Starz®, SHOWTIME® and Cinemax® to check out exclusive series and tons of movies. It's easy to add on channels and premium channels come with many packages.

If you want international channels, then DIRECTV has you covered. DIRECTV has great options of international channels for you to enjoy. Feel at home no matter where you are!

DIRECTV Whole-Home DVR3 is a great way to connect your whole home with only one HD DVR receiver (requires HD Receiver for each additional TV). You can record two shows at the same time or start watching a show in one room and finish the show in another room. There are so many ways to enjoy DIRECTV with the Whole-Home DVR and it's so easy. If you have every forgotten to set your DVR4 then you'll love the ability to set your DVR remotely, from you cell phone, tablet or computer.

When you order DIRECTV, installation is no problem. Free standard installation5 is available so you don't have to worry about any of the set up. A certified technician will come to your house on the date you schedule and set up the entire system for you and will make sure everything works seamlessly.


DIRECTV Beats Cable EVERY Time

Call now to find out more about DIRECTV and the great deals offered!

DIRECTV is #1 in customer satisfaction over all cable and satellite TV providers.* (Among the largest national cable & satellite TV providers.) DIRECTV offers great service and package options so you can enjoy superior service at an affordable price. It's smart to compare options.

Get the most options for your money, like over 285 channels, 170 full time HD channels, all your local channels and much more7. Watch all your favorite sports, movies and shows, many in high definition. DIRECTV offers the most movies in 1080p HD**, so you get the most out of your HD TV. You'll be amazed at how clear HD is on DIRECTV. You'll love watching sports and movies and it will feel like you're at the movie theater, while enjoying your favorite programs from the comfort of your home.

Sports fans love all the sports packages DIRECTV offers, like the NFL SUNDAY TICKET, NASCAR HotPass™, MLS Direct Kick™ and ESPN Full Court. DIRECTV also has 35 specialty sports channels dedicated to covering events all the time. No matter which sport you prefer or if you just love them all, you can find it on DIRECTV. DIRECTV has a great selection of international sports, professional and college coverage.

DIRECTV on Demand8 is a great addition to most packages and gives you access to thousands of shows and movies at no extra charge, plus instant access to the hottest new releases. (Additional fees apply for new releases.) DIRECTV has great deals on premium movie channels like HBO®, Starz®, SHOWTIME®, and Cinemax®. Catch the exclusive shows on SHOWTIME® and HBO® and enjoy all the great movie options, including new releases and classics.

DIRECTV technology is the latest and best. Get HD DVRs, Whole-Home DVR and take advantage of mobile apps that make it even easier to enjoy your home entertainment. DVRs let you record up to two programs at the same time and have convenient features that make it easy to record while you are away from your home. Whole-Home DVR is an amazing addition to homes with multiple TV's. One HD DVR works for up to 15 rooms so you can start watching a show in one room, then pause and hit play in another room to finish watching it. And that's just the start of what DIRECTV's Whole-Home DVR is capable of!9 Mobile apps let you set your DVR from anywhere with a Smartphone, tablet or laptop. You'll never have to worry if you forget to set your DVR before you leave your house because it's just as easy to do it remotely.

Once you decide on DIRECTV, a professional will come do the entire installation FREE of charge. The technician will take care of the setup and will make sure everything is working correctly.

DIRECTV always has great deals going on so no matter what time of year you choose to subscribe, you'll get awesome deals and free additional features. Don't miss your opportunity to join the other 19 million Americans that enjoy DIRECTV service every day. Call now to find out more about DIRECTV and how you can start enjoying it today and save!

*2012 American Customer Satisfaction Index.

**To view programs in 1080p, the following are required: a DIRECTV Plus HD DVR Receiver (model HR20 or later), an HDMI cable connecting the receiver and the television, and a high-definition 1080p24 television. Not all models are compatible.

1HD channels include 5.1 surround sound when available from programmer. To access DIRECTV HD programming, HD equipment required. Additional equipment required and sold separately. "Dolby" and the double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.

2Blackout rules and other conditions apply. NFL SUNDAY TICKET and NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX consist of all out-of market NFL games broadcast on FOX and CBS at 1 pm and 4 pm ET. However, games broadcast by your local FOX or CBS affiliate will not be available in NFL SUNDAY TICKET or NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX. Available games based on customer's service address. Games available via remote viewing based on device location. Only one game may be accessed from any device at any given time. Online application is only available on certain operating systems. Computer hardware, software, and Internet connection not included. Mobile phone application only available on certain devices from certain providers. Additional data charges may apply. Please check with your service provider. Visit for a list of system requirements and compatible mobile devices. NFL SUNDAY TICKET and NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX will automatically continue each season at special renewal rates unless customer calls to cancel prior to start of season. Subscriptions cannot be cancelled (in part or in whole) after the start of the season and subscription fees cannot be refunded. Commercial locations require an appropriate licensee agreement.

3Limit one remote viewing per HD DVR at a time, or up to three with the Home Media Center HD DVR. DIRECTV Whole-Home DVR service requires a DIRECTV Plus HD DVR, Advanced Receiver Service fee ($20/mo.) and Whole-Home-enabled HD Receiver for each additional TV (or RVU enabled devices with the Home Media Center HD DVR model HR 34). Service not available with TiVo® HD DVR from DIRECTV. For more information, visit

4Actual recording capacity varies depending on type of programming being recorded. Professional installation highly recommended. Land-based phone line required.

5Standard professional installation in up to four rooms only. Custom installation extra.

7Eligibility for HD local channels based on service address. Not all networks available in HD in all markets. To access DIRECTV HD programming, HD equipment is required.

8Access to available DIRECTV on Demand programming based on package selection. Actual number of TV shows and movies will vary. Some DIRECTV CINEMA and On Demand content requires an HD DVR (HR20 or later) or DVR (R22 or later), DIRECTV CINEMA Connection Kit and broadband Internet service with speeds of 750 kbps or higher and a network router with an available Ethernet port are required. Visit for details.

9Whole Home DVR service requires 1 HD DVR and an HD receiver for each additional TV